As a humanities-trained designer, my digital practice focuses on creating hand-crafted digital publications and projects where form is informed by content. Whether it’s a WordPress customization or a website made from scratch, I match my collaborator’s projects with functions that fit the theoretical and contextual arguments implicit and explicit in their text.

I started my career as a humanist among computer scientists and engineers thinking about what “place,” “space” and “history” meant in digital projects. I’ve since worked in a plethora of positions that require translating between disciplines, between form and function: an instructor of engineering history to engineers, digital consultant for grant projects, and, currently, a digital designer and project manager for a college of humanities and fine arts.

As a freelance designer for punctum books, I’ve applied my translation skills to create intricate, freely-accessible digital publications that are companions, rather than replacements, for print and ebook editions.

Currently, I’m not taking on any new projects, but you can see what I’m working on now on this site.


Photo courtesy of Nick McKinney, taken as part of documenting The Athenaeum Press at Gullah: The Voice of an Island

Photo by Nicklaus McKinney, taken as part of documenting The Athenaeum Press’s promotion of Gullah: The Voice of an Island at the Penn Center’s Heritage Days, November 2015.

About Me

I live with my spouse, two dogs, four cats, and a turtle named George in Conway, South Carolina. When not working or consulting, I enjoy renovating our old house, reading about and tasting Southern food cultures and trying to craft french macaroons with feet. If you’d like to get in touch, please contact me at hello@allicrandell.net, or via any of the social media channels to the right.